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For Architects

Our Guarantee

We take full ownership of our work, backing every consulting project as if it was our own.


We work holistically and collaboratively with all clients.  


We rely on our expertise to offer broad solutions to specialized problems, extending our firm's hand to yours. 


Our Mission

Over the past 30 years, RTA has developed a unique niche in our profession by acquiring expansive knowledge of building systems and construction. We’re often hired to assist architects and design firms who are stuck and need a fresh perspective or assistance in meeting their client’s needs.


We’ve consulted on 100s of projects in the United States and abroad, providing technical architectural services to other architects. We can also create construction documents and offer construction administration while always maintaining clients’ original design intent.  


​Your firm’s project load varies, yet retaining top talent is crucial for success. The architects and design professionals at Richard Turlington Architects, Inc. have a long history of stepping in to decrease the burden on clients’ staff and allow senior project managers and principals to capitalize on their strengths. 

We are always seeking to cultivate and modernize our design approach, and we look forward to being part of your journey. 

Consulting Services Portfolio
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Technical Case Studies

Each time we encounter a challenge, we rely on a specific, and well-refined, methodology to render a solution. By working closely with clients and carefully analyzing each design detail from multiple perspectives, we offer innovative technical solutions.


Our case studies are examples of how we tackled unique and complex challenges, showcasing the value we bring to projects.

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