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Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School

Richard Turlington Architects was retained by Pelli Clarke & Partners to coordinate and prepare the construction documents for the exterior façade and roof of this large building.  


Located in downtown New Haven, the 150,000 sq. ft. institutional campus posed  substantial traffic and safety issues. The building's design maximized the latest technologies to enhance overall flexibility, functionality, and efficiency. Sustainable materials and systems include an ice-storage cooling system that utilizes off-peak power to create stored ice which in turn cools the building during the heat of the day. The façade extensively uses low-E insulated glass coated with ceramic frit that creates an abstract pattern.

Utilizing articulate building forms that unite in a stunning architectural tapestry, we captured the essence of the school in the building’s envelope. Working on a creative space was a reminder of the creativity that defines what we do.

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