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Richard Turlington Architects, Inc. is a New England Architecture and Design Firm offering Technical Consulting, Residential, Healthcare, Retail, and Restaurant Design, Commercial Architecture, and more.

RTA was born in 2008 when a long-standing dream of international expansion prompted Richard to leave the successful partnership he’d built in Connecticut. By that time, he’d acquired decades of diverse experience, and he was eager to reignite his professional growth. After establishing RTA and ensuring its Connecticut roots were strong, he traveled to Vietnam and Singapore, working abroad while managing deals in the US remotely.


In 2019, Richard returned to Connecticut to re-energize the firm with the expertise he’d acquired overseas. His experiences elevated RTA’s scope of practice, and today our graphic ability to tell a building’s story is more accurate and intimate than any other firm offers. RTA delivers exquisite detail that builders can rely on and accessible, easy-to-navigate virtual renderings, allowing building owners to contribute to critical path decisions. All this is possible through the combination of the team’s holistic approach and the incorporation of Navisworks, 3D design software that brings clients’ ideas to life.

Richard Turlington Architects is a robust and diverse team committed to high-level design and an immersive, holistic building process. Reach out today to start the conversation about your project.

Our designs evoke


We expect our work to evoke beauty. This tenet is built into everything we touch. Our entire body of work, whether as chief designers, technical consultants, or construction overseers, reflects our fervor and knowledge for creating wonder in built environment. 

Architects are artists, and we understand that art is viewed subjectively. It's the objective component of process that sets us apart from our peers. The beauty of what we create emerges from the intensity of our approach.

Ready for an insider's perspective of our holistic and collaborative process? 

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