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Richard Turlington Architects, Inc. is a New England Architecture and Design Firm offering Technical Consulting, Residential Design, Healthcare Design, Retail, Restaurant Design, Commercial Architecture, and more. We work holistically to design your legacy.

Our design sensitivity and broad knowledge of a variety of building systems make us an excellent fit for clients who demand attention, an uncompromising commitment to great design, and can navigate calmly through a board room as well as the construction trailer.

The types of places we create, and the dynamic nature of construction complexities, demand that we treat each project as though it were the first one, an original. This attitude ensures that we exceed every client’s expectations because each project reflects his or her values. Every component and idea are part of a larger whole.

As a Connecticut design firm registered to practice beyond New England to Florida and Hawaii, we regularly consult on projects in Southeast Asia, from small kitchen renovations to $250M school campuses.

We expect our work to evoke


We expect our work to evoke beauty as part of our inherent cultural paradigm, this is a tenet of our existence and is naturally built into everything we touch. Our entire body of work, whether as chief designers, technical consultants, or construction overseers, expresses our fervor and knowledge for creating wonderment from the built environment. 


Architects are artists and, as it is with all art creations, our work is viewed subjectively. What sets us apart from our peers is based on the “how” of what we do. Each project is treated as an iterative collaboration between the client, design team, and the construction team. We imbue our extensive technical knowledge of the myriad of construction systems our modern buildings rely on to function properly. 

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