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Jute Mill
Adaptive Reuse Concept

In an exciting international project, Richard Turlington Architects designed the adaptive remodeling of an old jute mill in Yangon, Myanmar. To transform the original building into an attractive, comfortable area, we suggested significant additions including a secure perimeter wall, new gutters, drains, plaster masonry, and polycarbonate wall panels. To ensure unity with the surroundings, we also recommended removing the old trusses and roofing to expose the sky.


Additionally, we created spaces for refreshing gardens and outdoor dining venues between each 7,000-sq. ft. retail zone and added gates at the end of each plot for additional visual appeal and security. We also installed a comprehensive AC unit and arranged industrial fans in open areas. Finally, we designated twelve “heritage sites” with antique machinery from the old mill.


The renovation vastly improved the abandoned mill's existing infrastructural and spatial features. Our rejuvenating interventions created a profitable use for this unique building on the Mekong River.

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