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Cape Cod Museum of Art

Richard Turlington Architects was retained by Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects to prepare all the construction documents for the renovation and addition of this 8,500 sq. ft. wood-framed museum.

The Cape Cod Museum of Art, located in the Old King's Highway Historic District of Dennis, required more gallery and administrative space and a new image consistent with its growing presence as a regional arts institution. A new arcade—created to span and unify the building’s front facade—organizes entry functions and provides a covered exterior space for museum functions.


Major elements of the new building were oriented to welcome visitors and designed to elevate the building’s physical and cultural stature within its immediate and regional contexts. Views across the new sculpture garden encompass the new Hart–Signore Sculpture Gallery, a space created by enclosing an existing porch with a glass curtain wall. This gallery serves as a transition between the more formal spaces of the museum’s interior and the casual feel of the outdoor garden.

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