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Winner of the 2018 AIA Business Architecture Award

Thank you to the AIA for bestowing our work with the 2018 Business in Architecture Award, we want to thank Silver Hill Hospital for the opportunity and commitment for the last decade to create a holistically designed environment.

A project that spans over 40 acres, over ten years and over 60 million dollars doesn't get accomplished without a team, so we also want to thank Sigurd Ackerman, MD President Emeritus, The Board members of Silver Hill Hospital, PAC Group, Aschettino Associates, Civil 1 Engineering, Towers Golde, Fairhaven Furniture, FCI New York, HH Perkins, AD Perkins, Hartford Fine Arts, Spineybeck Leather Jeff Goldberg at Esto Photographics, Sound Construction and so many other people who invested their time and energy into creating this beautiful and very special place. Thank you for collaborating with us to create this bucolic campus dedicated to healing.

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