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Vote For Your Favorite Gingerbread Creation!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Make-A-Wish Gingerbread Competition!

Richard Turlington Architects Inc. together with AIA Connecticut are proud to be able to host this event in support of Make-A-Wish CT to whom all proceeds from this event will be donated! We have been absolutely thrilled to see the turnout for this event, with this year's competition involving over 30 teams who have truly gone above and beyond!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the teams who worked so hard and gave so generously for this event to be a success! A special thanks to the Hurley Group for not only lending us space to display these creations but for also supporting us every step of the way!

We would also like to extend our thanks to Hull's Art Supply, Melt Chocolatier, and Trinity Bar & Restaurant for providing prizes to the three most popular creations!

A brief note: Please scroll through all of the creations featured below. When you reach the bottom you will be able to vote on your favorite design and see the vote tally. Visitors will have until Monday December 14th at Noon to cast their votes for their favorite creation!

If you would like to join us in supporting Make-A-Wish CT with a donation, please reach out to us at:

Without further ado, we proudly present the creations of the 2nd Annual Gingerbread Competition!

Winter At The Lake

By The Leonard Family

Created by: Holly & Family

Swiss Village

By The Calabro Family

Created by: Gina & Family

Christmas Cottage

By Barnum Financial Group: Team 1

Created by: Joshua, Jennifer, & Dena

Candy Cane Heart Cabin

By Barnum Financial Group: Team 2

Created by: Joshua, Jennifer, & Dena

Gumdrop Chalet

By Barnum Financial Group: Team 3

Created by: Joshua, Jennifer, & Dena

Dream House

By Team Bottega Misc.

Created by: Jillian & Matthew

Santa's Tiny House

By Team Santa Paws

Created by: Jill & Nicolas

The Almond Evergreen Tower in Pirouline Forest

By Team Atelier Cho Thompson

Created by: Keith, Ming, Christina & Emilia

Emerald Pond Village

By Team Civil 1

Created by: Curt, Emily, Alice, Brian, John, Dan, & Eli

The Elves' Cottages

By Consigli Construction

Created by: Martine Williams

The Labyrinth of King Minos at Knossos

By Team Escape New Haven

Created by: Angela, Trevor, Ariel, Mike, & Ethan

Seaside Village

By Team Fairhaven Furniture

Created by: Colleen & Lao

Hill Family House!

By The Hill Family

Created by: Ariadne & Demetria

Santa's House

By Team GZA

Created by: May Williams

55 Church St

By Hurley Group

Created by Darlene & Tom

Net Zero High Rise Gingerbread Housing

By Jay Bright Architects

Created by: Jay Bright

The North Pole

By Pac Group LLC

Created by: Chris LeBlanc

A Flurry Of Fun

By The Paier Family

Created by: Ray & Caitlin

Gingerbread Island

By Dotson + Dionne

Created by: Ed & Molly

Hennig Village

By Team Hennig Haus

Created by: Emilia & Family

Cookie Cut

By Team Deep Thought & Sylvia The Squirrel

Created by: Andrew, Audrey, Jonathan & Deep

Gingerbread Lodge

By Team JSL

Created by: Sean, Jihyun & Leehahn

Rock Concert

By Team Lukan Good

Created by: Deborah & Family

The Wadsworth

By Team Swirl LeWitt at the Wadsworth

Created by: Michael, Brigid, Bree & Heath

The Northwest Passage

By Team Swirly Twirly Gumdrops

Created by: Andrew Swartzell

Weisman Art Museum

By Team Sugar Plum Gehrys

Created by: Daniel & Sara

Lucas's Masterpiece!

By Team Why You Hayden?

Created by: Javiera, Adam, and Lucas

The Beacon of Light

By QAM - Team 1

Created by: Erin, Mike & Julie

The Alpine A Fram

By QAM Design Team 2

Created by: Jack, Carson & Erika

Holiday Village

By Richter & Cegan

Created by: Cynthia, Mike, Gary, Marthe, Joe, Bill & Jeff

Adventure Is Out There!

By Team Squirrel!

Created by: Stephanie & David

Sugar Pond Village

By The Liu Family

Created by: Nina & Family

Ice House

By Team Livingston

Created by Shelley Livingston

Schwarz Village

By The Schwarz Family

Created by: Sheri & Family

Alice's Adventures In A Winter Wonderland!

By Strong Cohen LLC

Created by: Tom Strong

Ho Ho Ho Village

By The Starn Family

Created by: Kai & Delia

Holiday's Outside

By ToDesign LLC

Created by: Emily, Phil, Jonathan, Mary, Kerrine, Taylor, Dawn & Molly (Office Dog)

We hope you enjoyed everyone's creations. Should you wish to see them in person stop by the front windows of 55 Church St. in downtown New Haven at Christmas where the most popular creations will be displayed after the contest! Thank you for participating in our contest and supporting Make-A-Wish CT. Happy holidays everyone!

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Jane Gillis
Jane Gillis
Dec 25, 2021

My vote is for Jay Bright Architects. All are great.


Manju Gala
Manju Gala
Dec 14, 2020

I vote for Seaside Village. I like the neat work. Very creative lighting lighthouse.


Dec 13, 2020

With so many "winners" the best I can do is to pick three.

*Cookie Cut (most architectural planning)

*Winter at the lake (most poetic)

*Seaside village (most evocative of memories)


Barbara Larumbe
Barbara Larumbe
Dec 11, 2020