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How Covid will Affect the Classroom and Beyond

Updated: Jun 15, 2020


University of New Haven - Active Services Classrooms


We are entering a new era in design for institutional spaces, created by the reality of a world still battling the Covid Pandemic. As Colleges and Universities struggle to navigate student enrollment and begin to welcome students back, the priority will be to design environments that keep everyone safe, while still allowing for interactive educational experiences and maintaining the college experience

that students expect. 

Richard Turlington Architects (RTA) together with Consigli Construction Co., Inc. (Consigli) are currently working together as partners at the University of New Haven. Together, we offer a range of modifications that can be rapidly implemented to enhance the safety of students, staff, and faculty while adhering to the latest state guidelines. We have a strong understanding for the need to be adaptable during a time when things are evolving quickly. 

Benefits of the RTA / Consigli approach include:

  • Assessment of existing campus facilities to provide practical scope

  • Design for touch-free environments

  • M/E/P & HVAC Systems/Indoor Air Quality

  • Reducing Density to Ensure Social Distancing

  • Bulk purchasing power with vendors for lower costs and ensured timely delivery.

  • Team experience preparing job site COVID safety plans and protocols.

  • Consigli’s in-house carpenters and laborers can provide on-demand installation services.

We understand that re-configuring spaces can alter the teaching experience, which is why we work closely with your planning staff to create solutions that preserve the unique culture of your institution, while providing enhanced safety measures for everyone on campus. 

Richard Turlington Architects and Consigli value the importance of the interactive learning experience and strive to provide innovative solutions that will help support the changing needs of our academic clients. We stand ready to help your institution navigate the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

To learn more about Richard Turlington Architects or Consigli, please follow the links below:


55 Church Street STE 100 Allyn Street

New Haven, CT 06510 Hartford, CT 06103

203.772.2459 860.741.9850

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