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Architects on the loose at the 2018 AIA Convention!

Thousands of architects descended upon NYC from all over the country in June to attend the National AIA 2018 conference. The opportunities provided to us were some of the best ever, the choices of tours, the speakers and the topics were amazing. We had a great time feeling the energy of this special city, saw peers we haven't seen in a while and learned a lot too!

Over the years members of our team have expressed grand admiration of New England cemeteries so it was a pleasure to have a guided tour of Green - Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn NY. Having the opportunity to walk on the Alder Path, seeing the restoration of marble, understanding the layout of the paths and ponds, being amazed by the intricate stonework and wondrous mausoleums, and experiencing the care given to this special place was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We learned of some incredible people who rest here like Steinway and Pierrepont, and others who died tragically and will remain unknown to the world. We are thankful to the AIA for including this as one of the tours we could choose from, see you all next year!!

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Nov 21, 2019

Richard & RTA team, It was wonderful to see your email w/this link (even though it was mass mailed🙂) I loved this year’s conference. It truly captured the essence of urbanism. I see that we brushed paths at Phil Bernstein’s seminar. Maybe you’ll write your next post on that. Best, Shamila.

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