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Silver Hill Hospital
Steward House
Transitional Living

This 7,500 sq. ft. Colonial-style house was designed to serve as a space for a supervised transitional program for up to 8 patients.  RTA tucked the clinical program away to ensure extraordinary privacy and an inclusive environment.


The house boasts a grand entry staircase, a large kitchen and family room, and a stunning 2-story opening to a rear balcony. Private suites include ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets, and the leisure area is complete with gym equipment and a pool table.  

Interior furnishings include wool area rugs, masculine leather furniture, and contrasting bright fabric upholstery.  The overall look is an eclectic country style home for a discerning patient population. 

The stately home is designed to provide personalized psychological and medical treatment that promotes personal growth.

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