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Yale School of Medicine Inpatient Psychiatry Unit

The Yale Psychiatric Hospital (originally the Yale Psychiatric Institute) was designed by Richard Meier and completed in 1987. Decades later, increasing patient popualtions rendered the nursing stations too small. Specifically, the second floor served two unique groups, adolescents and geriatrics, making it challenging for nursing staff to work effectively. 

Richard Turlington Architects began a 6,700 sq. ft. renovation to create more staff-friendly areas.

To accomplish this goal, we created a centralized nursing station to bridge the adolescent and geriatric inpatient units. In addition to one large community room, each age group has access to an independent day room carefully designed with their comfort in mind. The renovation also included:

• Laundry utilities
• Conference room
• Storage units
• Copy room
• Secretary’s office
• Staff restrooms


We successfully renovated a spatially complex and multi-material building with the goal of enhancing patients' experiences. This project is one of the many healthcare-related designs RTA has had the privilege of contributing to.

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