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Trailblazers is a 7,100 sq. ft. retail store overlooking a large, man-made stone waterfall. It’s located within the Mohegan Sun resort complex where it serves as an integral component of guests’ overall entertainment experiences. The retail space at large builds on the contrast between natural, rough-hewn materials and high-tech outdoor equipment. Each area of the complex has a Native American theme, so Richard Turlington Architects handpicked special design elements for Trailblazers, ensuring each one complements surrounding spaces: 

•    Rustic huts and stone piers to function as display areas
•    An impressive doorway constructed from timber and wrought iron
•    Highly polished sales counter
•    Stainless steel cable braces with matching suspended lighting

The intentional randomness of the displays and ceiling planes creates a dynamic layering of space, adding excitement to the simple floor plan. Because this aesthetic configuration offers flexibility for merchandise placement, it successfully fits within the resort’s commitment to providing unique entertainment venues.

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