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Servery for Mental Health Center

Within the first floor of the flagship building on the Silver Hill Campus lies the cafeteria that feeds the entire 128 bed patient population in addition to the staff.  A beautiful dining room is adjacent to the servery all designed by Richard Turlington Architects Inc who worked closely with Unidine chefs, sous chefs and representatives, who donated $100,000.00 of equipment in 2017 for this renovation.  It was important to listen to the patients who ultimately helped us create a new food program and flow.  There is now a carving station, sandwich bar, fresh salad bar and much more all able to functions independently and give the population the options they needed with the fresh foods they deserve.  With Unidine we were able to design a functional cafeteria for dozens of residents to enjoy at the same time with a new traffic flow enhancing the overall experience. 

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