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Silver Hill Hospital

Scavetta House
Inpatient Unit

Richard Turlington Architects earned the Trustee's Award from the New Canaan Preservation Alliance for our restoration of Scavetta House at Silver Hill Hospital.

The 8,500 sq. ft. Tudor Revival house, built in 1920, required multiple in-depth alterations before it could become a functioning treatment center for male patients in the Addiction and Dual Disorders Transitional Living Program.


Our priority was updating the building to meet or exceed state healthcare regulations and ADA codes. We cleared bulky, unnecessary spatial elements from the living area and restored the original wooden columns and beams. Our designers enhanced the comfort factor with rich wool carpets, deep chestnut leathers, thick cherry wood, and uplifting shades of blue. These choices created an environment conducive to patient well-being.

Scavetta House is located on Silver Hill Hospital’s 42-acre campus, where Richard Turlington Architects has served as the only architect and interior designer since 2005.

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