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Silver Hill Hospital River House, Transitional Living

Richard Turlington Architects designed the restoration of the River House, a home built by Alfred Mausolff in the 1900s. Our goal was to emulate the house’s original beauty while ensuring the safety of practitioners as well as the men and women undergoing dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). The restoration of the 6,500 sq. ft. structure on the Silver Hill Hospital campus included alterations to the floorplan, upgraded plumbing, HVAC, roof, and façade, and consulting with local safety authorities.

The interior redesign was an exciting challenge. The stucco home was comprised of inherently dark interior spaces, so we removed interior walls and introduced windows and skylights, creating spaces where patients can easily locate and approach staff. This change also allows nursing staff to have visual control of the patient population. We also seamlessly integrated fire-rated fabrics and medical-grade furniture into the living areas. The most unique architectural design challenge we faced was creating a new interface between the rear landscape along the Silver Mine River, view of the pond, and the expansive private backyard. We maximized the space and beautiful river views by adding a spacious, cantilevered teak deck. Vestibules were added to both sides of the house as well.

The finished result was a combination of features that complements the style of the home while increasing its functionality as a medical facility.

​Richard Turlington Architects has been Silver Hill Hospital’s sole designer since 2005. We approach each building on the Silver Hill campus as a special part of its story, and although each space is unique, the theme created by our team is present throughout, unifying the campus.

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