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Richard Turlington

Richard Turlington is dedicated to his craft. From understanding corporeal space and the nuances of assembling materials to the personal and political dynamics involved with designing and building, there’s little he hasn’t done and nothing he won’t try. His confidence and expertise are the result of a lifetime of being immersed in the field, and he often says his work is “truly a labor of love.” 


Growing up, Richard helped his father build their home. After spending his formative years working with his hands and seeing the beauty of design, he was enamored with the field of architecture. No one was surprised when Richard began working for his uncle as an entry-level draftsman while attending the University of Florida in Gainesville. Over the next several years, he gained experience while applying his education to his work in the field. Before graduating with a Bachelor of Design (High Honors), he was tasked with managing the architectural office of his mentor and professor, Karl Thorne. 


In 1987, Richard was ready to advance his career and become a registered architect. Drawn to Connecticut’s beauty and potential, he made it his new home and, along with a partner, established Albis Turlington Architects, LLC in 1994. After a successful 14-year partnership, Richard moved forward by founding his own company, Richard Turlington Architects, Inc. in 2008. The firm has been thriving in New Haven ever since. Richard takes pride in designing thoughtfully and holistically, and the users and community are always at the core of his work. He enjoys collaborating with clients, contractors, and his talented team.


Richard’s passion for the evolution of architecture is reflected by his involvement in the professional community. He holds committee positions including Board Member, Treasurer, and Vice President, and is the President of the Connecticut chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Richard also sits on the ethics committee of the CT AIA. 

Richard Turlington is registered in:

  • Maine

  • New Hampshire

  • Vermont

  • Massachusetts

  • Connecticut

  • Rhode Island

  • New York

  • Florida

  • Hawaii


NCARB Certified

LEED Green Associate Certified

CT AIA - Member

RIBA - Member

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