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Residential Design

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is—which is exactly the sentiment RTA hopes to illicit when working with homeowners. Whether building from the ground up or refurbishing an entire home, your vision is paramount, and we will work tirelessly to ensure your home looks and feels exactly as intended. We’ll use storyboards, 3D drawings, and an open-door communication policy to ensure a smooth design and building process.

Our holistic design approach takes every aspect of residential projects into account, from what homeowners want to see when they pull into the driveway or walk out the front door to specialized hobby and lifestyle needs.

For instance, an avid environmentalist may want to reduce the division between inside and outside by using natural finishes like sustainable bamboo heated floors and thermal glass walls. On the other hand, one might crave an introspective living environment that utilizes indirect sunlight, soft/non-contrasting hues, and plush wool carpeting.

Your home should represent the ultimate application of wellness in your life. Ensuring you feel comfortable, safe, and happy walking through your home, feeling your feet against the flooring, admiring both interior and exterior beauty, is our top priority.  

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