Residential Design

The New Haven-based architecture firm, Richard Turlington Architects, believes that of all the styles of architecture, the most intimate relationship an architect and client can have is that of a residential project. A home is where one comes for peace, safety, and sanctuary. 


When building from the ground up or refurbishing an entire home, paying attention to our client’s words, body language, and desires is of the utmost importance. Without understanding what our client is trying to achieve, we can’t do our job because collaboration is key to a successful design. We bring ideas, storyboards, and experience, but each residential design project is always unique. Meeting a homeowner within their space is an honor and we treat each meeting respectfully and collaboratively. 


Our holistic design approach is applied to residential design as it is with all of our projects.  This holistic design style will take into account what the homeowners want to see when they drive up to their home or walk in the front door, what kind of lifestyle one has will greatly influence the design.


For instance, an avid environmentalist may enjoy the erosion between inside and outside by using a lot of natural finishes such as sustainable bamboo heated floors, walls of thermal glass that are closed with natural linen window treatments at the push of a button. This is in direct contrast to someone who would want a totally introspective living environment that uses indirect sunlight, soft/non-contrasting hues, and plush wool carpeting cabinets.   Wellness is an application that is a part of every project. A homeowner’s residence demands the ultimate application of wellness in mind  Feeling comfortable, safe, and happy when walking through your home, running your hand across the textures of the furniture, feeling your feet against the flooring or opening the doors to your courtyard; this is wellness, this is residential design.