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Oceanfront Sanctuary 

Connecticut’s coastline has long been peppered with enclaves of small-scale summer cabins. As real estate values increased over the years (and planning regulations relaxed), many homeowners winterized their houses to take advantage of the coastal life year-round. 

Richard Turlington Architects redesigned one of these homes, expanding the original 750 sq. ft. summer getaway into a 1,500 sq. ft. “Arts and Crafts” style home that includes panoramic views of Long Island Sound. On the outside, we installed teak decks and painted the cedar shingles and wood trim to resist the salty environment. We constructed a front porch for relaxation, and a second-floor balcony offers a spectacular view of  beach activities, sunsets, and the twinkling Long Island landscape. The interior palette is also simple and rustic, featuring painted cabinetry, tile floors, and white walls. The first floor opens to the south, and the upstairs master bedroom runs the entire length of the house, boasting large banks of windows that welcome natural sunlight.

The finished product is a permanent family residence nestled into a neighborhood of bicycles, kids, and seaside air.  

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