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Vote For Your Favorite Gingerbread Creation!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Make-A-Wish Gingerbread Competition

Voting Has Been Extended Until December 31st

Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page And Click On Your Favorite Creation To Vote!

Richard Turlington Architects Inc. together with AIA Connecticut are proud to be able to host this event in support of Make-A-Wish CT to whom all proceeds from this event will be donated! Please feel free to share the voting link with all of your friends and family!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the teams who worked so hard and gave so generously for this event to be a success! A special thanks to the Hurley Group for not only lending us space to display these creations but for also supporting us every step of the way!

A brief note: Please scroll through all of the creations featured below. When you reach the bottom you will be able to vote on your favorite design and see the vote tally. Visitors will have until December 31st at Midnight to cast their votes for their favorite creation!

Voting is set to allow one vote every 24hrs so come back to vote each day. You can vote for the same creation or spread your votes out!

If you would like to join us in supporting Make-A-Wish CT with a donation, please reach out to us at:

Without further ado, we proudly present the creations of the 3rd Annual Make-A-Wish Gingerbread Competition!

Wish Upon A Farm (Can You Find All The Make-A-Wish Stars?)

By Team Sugar & Spice

Created by: Jeanette DiBerardino & Tracy Maus, Bakers & Creators

Sponsor & Support: Louis DiBerardino, Studio DiBerardino LLC, & Mike McKernan

Back To Candyland

By The Leonard Family

Created by: Holly & Family

Reindeer Lodge

By The Calabro Family

Created by: The Dancer Duo - Gina & Victoria Calabro

Big Ben At Christmas

By Barnum Financial Group

Crazy For Candy

By The Deaso Family

Cloudy With A Change Of Marshmallow

By The Hennig Family on behalf of Pickard Chilton

Created by: Adrienne Nelson, Karl Hennig, and 3yr Old Team Leader Emilia

Pretzel Cottage

By The Hensley Team on behalf of Pickard Chilton

Created by: Michael, Bree, and Heath

Sugar Slopes

By Richard Turlington Architects

Created by: Richard, Marta, Emma, Kevin & Max

Gingerbread Treehouse

By The Hill Family

Created by: Ariadne & Demetria

Candlelight Village

By The Lukan Family on behalf of Pickard Chilton

Created by: Deborah, Sean, Kent & Ella Lukan

Dang It, Santa!

By Pickard Chilton

Created by: Mary, Laura & Dhyan

Santa's Village

By QA+M Architecture

Created by: Carson Collier & Team

Schwarz Lodge

By The Schwarz Family

Created by: Sheri & Family

Bunny Hill At Mt. StroCo (SnoCo) Ski Resort

By Strong Cohen LLC

Created by: Tom Strong, Daniela Gordon, & Margaret Watkins.

Holidays at Ho-Ho-Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

By Svigals + Partners

Created by Katelyn, Todd, Stephen, Maelle, Carly, Katherine, Katie & Ana.

Net Zero High Rise 2.0

By Jay Bright Architects

Created by: Jay Bright

Christmas Cottage

By Pac Group LLC

Created by: Chris LeBlanc

Licorice Cottage

By A-Z Corp

Created by: Brian & Brooke Baril

Mickey's Castle

By Babbidge Construction

Created by: Luke & Team

Alice In Wonderland

By Fairhaven Furniture

Created by: Lao Triffin, Colleen Gala, & Catherine Baker

Gingerbread Town

By Gray Organschi

Created by: Louis Koushouris, Ben Grayson, Matthew Shaffer

Mint Ridge


Created by: Alicia Klaubert

We would also like to extend our thanks to Hull's Art Supply, Melt Chocolatier, and Trinity Bar & Restaurant for providing prizes to the three most popular creations!

We hope you enjoyed everyone's creations. Should you wish to see them in person stop by the front windows of 55 Church St. in downtown New Haven after New Years where the most popular creations will be displayed after the contest! Thank you for participating in our contest and for supporting Make-A-Wish CT. Happy holidays everyone!

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Dec 23, 2021

How do you vote in the Gingerbread House competition?

Richard Turlington Architects Inc
Richard Turlington Architects Inc
Dec 28, 2021
Replying to

Hi Jay,

In order to vote you need to scroll to the bottom of the page where it says Vote For Your Favorite Gingerbread Creation! Once there you will see all of the creations represented with small pictures. To vote simply click, (or if using a phone, tap) on the picture that you want to vote on. At that point your vote will be registered!

You can come back every 24hrs to vote until December 31st!


Dec 23, 2021

how do you cast a vote?

Richard Turlington Architects Inc
Richard Turlington Architects Inc
Dec 28, 2021
Replying to

Hi Jay,

Ami is correct. You need to navigate to the bottom of the page to the section that says Vote For Your Favorite Gingerbread Creations! If you are on your phone all you need to do is tap on the image of your favorite creation and it will register a vote. You can vote every 24hrs so keep coming back to pick your favorite!

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