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Welcome To The Freak Show!

Join us at the grand opening of Fest Faves this Halloween 10/31/22.

Located at 15 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT.

Fest Faves, located along Whitney Ave in New Haven, is the only destination for all things Carnival related. A rather eccentric idea gave birth to this glamorous little circus in the heart of downtown.

The vision was not to create a place to buy fried dough but to curate an atmosphere that is meant to be experienced. The use of color combined with eclectic lighting culminated this idea. Every part of the design was carefully considered to provide the most value in the limited space at hand. Whether it be the sales counter disguised as a ticket booth or the Freakshow mirror which is meant to encourage a spontaneous photo-op, the objective of the design is to transport you into a world of amusement.

Furnished with a fully functioning kitchen, Fest Faves provides some of the most delicious and decadent fair foods imaginable. The creativity of the menu is perfectly paired with the artistic décor.

Next time you get the craving for something festive, just Step Right Up!

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