Kira Tien Tran

Email: Kira@RT-Arch.com

Kira graduated from the University of Architecture in 2011 with flying colors, she went on to polish her skills to become an asset to every company she has been employed with. Showing an analytical mind with great physical and mathematical ability in early years, Kira knew she was meant to be an architect – the profession where all her potential and strengths are put to use. Kira is recognized by her peers and managers as a punctual, diligent, organized, cooperative, rational and responsible employee. She has never said ‘no’ to an opportunity or when asked to work an hour or two overtime late at night. She also performs excellent design and drafting skills, both manually and with the aid of technology.


Outside of the office, Kira enjoys a wide range of sports practice and physical activities. She goes to the gym on a regular basis and joins the Zumba-HIIT class every weekend. When not in a rush to meet a deadline, Kira leads a creative lifestyle that involves watercolor painting, oil painting, making sculptures and photography. She is also a keen traveler who has traveled to many South-East Asian and East Asian countries, and plans to explore other regions of Asia and the rest of the world whenever she has the chance. Lastly, Kira shows a warm and open heart towards animals, especially the corgi that she loves and lives with.