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Silver Hill Hospital 
Jurgenson Building
Offices & Group Meetings

One of Silver Hill Hospital’s many medical office buildings was a 1950s-style, one-story structure designed with simple lines and natural materials. Richard Turlington Architects’ renovation of the 5,400 sq. ft. emphasized the original character. We chose bold colors for the wood trim and fascia to create an intentional contrast with the stone piers and walls. To draw attention to its location on a prominent peninsula of the Silver Mine River, we introduced exterior lighting; the extra illumination also highlights the strong planar lines of the façade. On the inside of the office, we provided a holistic redesign with several advantages:

• A simplified floorplan
• More spacious classrooms
• Views of the scenic landscape
• Overhead skylights and additional LED lighting


These alterations increased the amount of office space by a factor of 1.3 and created a more home-like environment. To enhance the interior’s calming aesthetic, we handpicked cherry wood, beige-colored walls, crisp white ceilings, a cross-linear patterned carpet, and natural porcelain tile for the material palette. We cultivated a calming, quiet environment through impactful design choices.

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