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Interior Design

Richard Turlington Architects is a full-service design firm providing the highest quality interior design services in Connecticut for 3 decades. We’re experienced in residential, institutional, commercial, healthcare, restaurant, office, retail, educational settings, and more. We design with materials we’re proud of and that complement each individual design.

Interior design projects allow for exploration of expression—and they are always fun and exciting!Unlike many other interior designers, RTA has an open-book policy for managing the procurement and installation of all interior furnishings. Our fees are based on the strict cost of goods. There are no hidden markups, nor do we sell our client items from one vendor and provide a lower-quality, less expensive, replication. Honesty is who we are.

Our holistic design culture is grounded in one thing: ensuring the finished project is exactly what the client ordered. We offer guidance by considering the aesthetics and longevity of clients’ choices and the effects each finish may have on the over allambiance. Coordinating colors and textures to tell a cohesive story creates the wellness we strive to achieve in all our projects.

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