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Interior Design

Connecticut architecture firm Richard Turlington Architects is a full-service design firm that has continually provided the highest quality interior design services over the last few decades. Projects range from residential, Institutional, commercial, healthcare, restaurants, offices, retail stores, educational settings, and more.  We use materials that we are proud of and that fit specifically into each individual design. Interior design projects are fun and exciting times to work with clients as true expressions of individual personalities get a chance to be explored.  From a bedroom to each finish is special.


One unique difference between the interior design service of Richard Turlington Architects and other interior designers is that we have adopted an open book policy for managing the procurement and installation of all interior furnishings. Our fees are based on the strict cost of goods, not hidden within markups on pieces nor do we sell our client items from one vendor and then have it replicated. There is an honesty that is integrally part of what we do.  We won’t let you buy a Hermann Miller chair that isn’t a Herman Miller chair.


Our holistic design culture at Richard Turlington Architects demands that the finished interior design project is exactly what our client ordered.  We consider the aesthetics and longevity of each of our client’s choices and the effects that each finish may have on the space.  Coordinating colors, and textures to tell a cohesive story creates the wellness we strive to achieve in all our projects.  All art is subjective and borne through the eyes of its creator resulting in a story that issues a response from its creators.  Richard Turlington Architects expects our work to evoke beauty as part of our inherent cultural paradigm; this is a tenet of our existence and is naturally built into everything we touch

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