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Holistic Design

Holistic design is a collective


We play nicely with others, ensuring that our clients’ projects are well-built. Our design process embraces ideas that touch upon things not immediately noticeable, but collectively add up to a complete and well-considered “story.”  

For instance, why did we choose that wall to be that color? Why did we give that coping a reentrant edge? Why is that wall free of surface expression? Why did we introduce expressed columns on each side of a corridor? Why does this room absorb all sound and feel “quiet?” Why did we introduce indirect daylight into one room but flood the adjacent space with natural light that warms the stone floors?  

Our detailed consideration of everything, ranging from the mundane to fields of wonderment, are interlaced so the occupant feels that they embraced within memorable spaces that speak differently to each person, evoking individual emotions and perceptions that resonate far beyond the confines of four walls and a ceiling. 

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