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The Bridges

The meandering Silvermine River is an elegant focal point of Silver Hospital's 42-acre campus. Two historic stone bridges span the burbling waters, adding charm to the site's rural character. Richard Turlington Architects approached the replacement of each bridge with a comprehensive view that included resolving several safety concerns:


  • The bridges' stonework showed signs of fatigue and failure.

  • They were too narrow to accommodate vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

  • Both bridges lacked railings.


 All these issues were compounded at night when visibility decreased.


RTA devised the perfect solution for these challenges while preserving the original visual tone and creating a magical outdoor space. Design details include:


  • a simple arched deck, custom stone shelf detail, and fieldstone veneer


  • increased bridge width to allow for a raised bluestone walkway and guardrails


  • decorative guardrails that add to the bridges’ aesthetics: leaf-patterned, laser-cut, stainless-steel panels that ensure high transparency and tensile strength


  • low-profile lighting along the bridges and stone pilasters topped by short lamps at both ends


The result is two new, safe bridges that add an elegant yet unobtrusive dimension to this farm-like rural setting.

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