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Elizabeth Tuttle

A transplant from the West Coast, Elizabeth Tuttle has been living in Connecticut for the past 5 years. Hailing from California, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Sonoma State University. Whilst reading is a passion of hers, she also enjoys spending time outdoors, especially with her dog Paige. Ever an adventurer, Elizabeth has traveled extensively throughout Europe all by herself.  From backpacking alone through foreign countries to exploring local Connecticut pubs, beaches, lakes, and dog parks, Elizabeth finds winding her way through East Coast haunts has opened up a new world flush with fun experiences.


A member of City Point Yacht Club in New Haven since 2020, Elizabeth has become good friends with people she would have otherwise not had opportunity to meet.  Believing in kindness first, Elizabeth looks forward to continuing to meet people and exploring New England with her dog by her side as much as possible!

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