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Educational Design

Richard Turlington Architects’ team has been designing educational institutions for over 30 years. We always approach these projects with an emphasis on student and faculty wellness and learning. Wellness is a thread that weaves through all our work, but it is especially important in educational settings. Libraries need to be easily navigated but also include enclaves for private study groups. Labs must be functional and safe but feel invigorating to students and teachers at the same time.  

Educational design goes far beyond the four walls of any classroom, and we understand that a new educational facility has a tremendous impact on its community. RTA’s approach includes thinking about how added busses might impact early morning traffic, if a courtyard of a university has a safe and efficient footpath, whether an air conditioning system impacts the envelope of the building, and many more hundreds of considerations.


Working with Richard Turlington Architects in this capacity will be a comprehensive and holistic experience. Our process has proven successful time and time again, and we’d love to continue contributing to our community, and yours, through this area of our practice.

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