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Community Integration

When we approach a new project, we realize that it is the first one for the team, there will never be another building with the same team in the same place for the same purpose.  We have one opportunity to build with integrity, purpose and intention.  In that respect we approach each new venture in a holistic approach – why does our client want this space, who is going to use it, what purpose will this space fulfill, what and who is surrounding this new space?

Only with the answers to these questions can we begin to help our clients design what they envision, this may not be what they actually see in their minds eye but listening to our clients and working with contractors and neighbors helps us come together to figure out exactly what the client really wants.

To that end, we understand that every new building design effect the others nearby like a domino effect, good or bad.  We also know that when we are working with academic and hospital campuses, or apartment complexes and even residential homes it is important to make each building unique but not stick out.  We find value in community integration, creating cohesive designs that enhance the overall project but not become disjointed and separate from all the rest.  

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