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Commercial Architecture & Design

Commercial architecture is driven by and reflects the collective needs of its occupants wherein each building is a part of a larger whole. Richard Turlington Architects works within this context, creating designs that blend into the surrounding structural fabric or consciously divert from it. In either case, façade materials complement local sources and are patterned to maintain the street fabric by respecting the patterns of its neighbors.

RTA is well-versed in BOMA standards and experienced in working with local planning and zoning departments, inland wetland agencies, and city engineers. This ensures our clients’ projects are properly coordinated and in compliance before attending formal reviews and public hearings.

The interiors of commercial buildings are designed for a specific use but must remain spatially flexible enough to accommodate design changes as the building evolves. Typically, our buildings’ credibility is established by the quality and character of the main lobby, elevator lobby, elevator cars and, oddly enough, the public restrooms. When working with an adaptive reuse project, we incorporate as many historic elements of the original building as possible, respecting the past while imbuing new life into an old building.

Successful commercial projects also require navigating site constraints like parking, pedestrian walkways, exterior lighting, grading/drainage, landscaping, and security. Richard Turlington Architects treats each project holistically, designing the entire site from entry experience at the street transition to the selection of lighting in parking lots. The result is a well-received project that is a distinct yet natural part of its surrounding community.

RTA has experience designing commercial office buildings, restaurants, banks, schools, and more. We approach each project as a blank slate without preconceived ideas. In doing so, we become keenly aware of the nuances of our clients’ visions. Reach out today to discuss your project with one of our team members.  

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