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Silver Hill Hospital
Klingenstein House
Adolescent Mental Health Unit 

The Klingenstein House, also called the "K" House, is the Adolescent Mental Health Center of Silver Hill Hospital. Richard Turlington Architects cooperated with the facility's board members to reorganize the house's design from scratch, moving walls, adding wings, and ultimately stripping the wood-framed structure to its bones.

What started as a two-story colonial became a cottage-style bungalow with an open floor plan, plenty of natural light, and a homey atmosphere. This change in design complemented teenage patients’ inherently relaxed and bohemian lifestyle during treatment. The interior of this house revolved around the concept of “the hearth is home” by building off an existing fireplace and chimney that the design team protected during deconstruction. This was a conscious and purposeful decision made to centralize the home-like atmosphere that a fireplace connotes.


Another special feature was the introduction of a new central staircase that was sky-lit from above, resulting in daylight penetrating through the building and into the first-floor living spaces. The changes didn't end there—our designers made several other alterations to make the living space more accessible and calming. On the first floor, they included a fully functioning classroom with computers and art stations; a large, open-access kitchen; a special reading nook; and a centralized fireplace. Bedrooms were adorned with yellow paint and warm cherry wood. Each room includes bold colors, non-traditional furniture, and modern touches. We ideated all these features with the patients' well-being at the forefront of our minds. Our goal was to create spaces where young patients feel the freedom to explore the new ideas they are exposed to by staff and to help facilitate the healing processes.


Richard Turlington Architects has been Silver Hill Hospital’s sole designer since 2005.

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