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Inpatient Psychiatric Center

New Haven architecture firm Richard Turlington Architects Inc was asked to turn a formerly private two-story ranch of 6,200 square feet into a 9-bedroom, 16 patient all female mental health building that would comply with life and safety codes including being compliant with the Adults with Disabilities Act.  The building was also to have offices for staff and group rooms.

Lovingly known as Barrett House, the building was completely remodeled by Richard Turlington Architects, and in keeping with the rest of their designs of the hospital’s campus kept with the same flavor as the original design of the home.  Barrett House is an example of the New England vernacular of architectural design and with keeping inside the budgetary constraints the house was renovated and given an exterior face-lift to blend into the healthcare campus.

The approach of the design team was to create more light and to look and feel inviting.   By removing interior walls that served as barriers between patient and practitioner we were able to create an environment where the staff is now much more accessible but also has the privacy and security required as a practitioner.  Amongst some of the design changes, the entry way was made larger and main stairway in the foyer was exposed.

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