Acute Care Unit

Richard Turlington Architects Inc is breaking the mold of standard nursing unit design for psychiatric patients.  We believe all patients, no matter how ill, must be treated with the utmost respect and surrounded by spaces, surfaces and textures that eliminate the sterility of traditional clinical environments by embracing a new environmental character that strives to celebrate life.

The acute care center at Silver Hill Hospital is undergoing a holistic redesign by Richard Turlington Architects Inc to create a new solution to an old problem.  Gone are the days of sheet vinyl flooring, drably painted walls, plastic laminate surfaces ad nauseum and large, clunky chair rails.   This new project is being phased so the unit can remain fully occupied and operational during the renovations.  The renovations include a complete refurbishment of the existing patient rooms, a reorganized nursing core, a larger community space as well as a new, comfortable patient lounge, a new servery and a new dining area.  The impetus behind this project, aside from its tired and aging spaces, is to reorganize the central patient common spaces to help patients interact with staff in a compassionate and safe manner.  The interior spaces are being replaced with wellness in mind and include a unique material palette that looks to water, earth and natural light as the substantive components to a new spatial experience.  The flooring in the core spaces evoke a sparkling water surface made from pieces of porcelain and sparkly glass tiles.  The patient wing corridors use an amicrobial carpet that is patterned as a tree-lined lane.  There are new skylights and expanses of plaster ceilings painted a sky blue.  We are eliminating all the standard fluorescent lighting and introducing new indirect LED lighting to soften and warm the new spaces.  A new nurses station is modernized with ½ being open and accessible to patients while the other half closed for HIPPA compliance.  The entire station is detailed as a piece of wood cabinetry with the benefit of introducing expanses of new quarter sawn white oak paneling which adds to the overall use of natural materials,

This complete overhaul won’t make Silver Hill Hospital more money as this unit’s operation is funded by healthcare insurers.  But, it is the right thing to do to, the Hospital is actively promoting these changes and the expectation is that patients will see their treatment from a place of respect and openness.