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Silver Hill Hospital
Master Plan

Richard Turlington Architects Inc has been the sole architect and interior designer for Silver Hill Hospital since 2005. The hospital was founded in 1931, and over time became a collection of homes acquired through the years. It is located in an incredibly bucolic farm-like residential neighborhood in New Canaan, Connecticut, comprised of 42 acres, complete with historic stone bridges, fieldstone walls, babbling brooks, wetlands and beautiful old trees. 


Over the years, we have been charged with re-structuring the hospital’s entire campus, renovating its many buildings, re-designing exterior spaces with landscape architects and civil engineers, and enhancing parking while also striving to accommodate the hospital’s residential neighbors.

Although master planning is a standard conceptual approach for developing and organizing any institution, this campus had a unique responsibility. The master plan established at Silver Hill Hospital is an ongoing and iterative project that continues to develop today. Over the years, our team strategically worked across the campus utilizing our holistic design approach, in order to create a cohesive institution world-renowned patient-centered care.


At Silver Hill, we restructured the entire campus from paint to stone, carpet to the roof, and everything in between. Every detail focuses on wellness and calm. Each detail impacts every occupant’s experience. We know that colors, textures, layout, and even smell directly impact the wellbeing of anyone who enters the campus. And, with that in mind, we have worked over the years to create healthy, cohesive environments.  We are so proud to be a thread in the fabric of Silver Hill because we care so deeply about healthcare design. 

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