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And The Winner Is!

Thanks to everyone's efforts, we were able to raise over $6,000 for Make-A-Wish Connecticut!

The Results Of The 2nd Annual Make-A-Wish Gingerbread Competition Are In!

3rd Place

Almond Evergreen Tower in Pirouline Forest

From: Team Atelier Cho Thompson

Created by: Keith, Ming, Christina & Emilia

2nd Place

Adventure Is Out There!

From: Team Squirrel!

Created by: Stephanie & David

1st Place

Seaside Village

From: Team Fairhaven Furniture

Created by: Colleen & Lao

We truly cannot thank everyone enough for their participation, hard work, and support of this year's event. We would like to thank the following creative and giving individuals for helping to make this event a success!


Gina Calabro & Family

Holly Leonard & Family

Albis Architects

Fran Albis

Ava Albis

Maisie Albis

Leslie Albis

Atelier Cho Thompson

Keith Appleby

Ming Thompson

Christina Cho

Emilia Baker

Barnum Financial Group

Joshua Howarth

Jennifer Stomsky

Dena Grant

Courtney Parke

Bottega Misc.

Jillian Welenc

Matthew Varley

BVH Integrated Services

Tom St. Denis


Jim Childress

Jill Cartagena

Nicolas Cartagena

Charney Architects

Rob Charney

Civil 1

Curt Jones

Emily Jones

Alice Jones

Brian Baker

John Lafonte

Eli Noujaim

Consigli Construction

Martine Williams

Rick LaPointe

Dr. Sigurd Ackerman

Escape New Haven






Fairhaven Furniture

Colleen Gala

Lao Eric Triffin

Knight Architecture

George Knight

GZA GeoEnvironmental

David Barstow

Morgan Nivison

May Williams

Richard Desrosiers

Hartford Fine Arts

Lauren Plage

HH Perkins Co.

Ray & Carol DeFrancesco

Hurley Group

Darlene Reilly

Tom Picagli

Jen Conklin

Izzo Masonry

Anthony Izzo

Jay Bright Architects

Jay Bright

Lions Head Cost Consultants

Lee Sullivan

Ariadne Hill

Demetria Hill

Pac Group

Paul Campanelli

Chris LeBlanc

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Ed Dionne

Molly Dotson

Pickard Chilton

John Pickard

Michael Hensley

Brigid Abraham

Sean Namgoong

Jihyun Namgoong

Leehahn Namgoong

Daniel Raznick

Sara Raznick

Ashley Kim

Andrew Collins

Audrey Krieman

Jonathan Cook

Deep Chaniara

Javiera Palacio

Adam Hayden

Lucas Hayden

Deborah Lukan

Adrienne Nelson

Karl Hennig

Andrew Swartzell

The Preston Family

Jessica & Michael

QA+M Architecture

Carson Collier

Erika Roberts

Jack Touhy

Erin Benken

Mike Lane

Julie Maloney

Richter & Cegan

Mike Cegan

Gary Guimond

Marthe Hemsen

Joe McDonnell

Bill Weckman

Jeff Peracchio

Richard Turlington Architects Inc.

Richard & Avery Turlington

David & Stephanie Larumbe Smith

Shelley Livingston

Nina Liu

The Schwarz Family

Sheri Schwarz

Steven Winters Associates Inc.

Kai & Delia Starn

Strong Cohen LLC

Tom Strong


Emily Weckman

Phil Barlow

Jonathan Tunsky

Mary Dehais

Kerrine Catucci

Taylore Richards

Dawn Barlow

Molly (Office Dog)

Towers | Golde LLC

Bob Golde

Westcott & Mapes Inc.

Ray & Caitlin Paier

We hope everyone had fun and we can't wait to do this again next year. In the meantime, take a stroll down to the front windows of 55 Church St in New Haven where a collection of this year's Gingerbread Creations are on display!

Our sincere thanks go out to Trinity Bar & Restaurant, Melt Chocolatier, and Hull's Art Supply for providing this year's prizes to the winning entries.

For questions regarding this event or to be put on the e-mail list for next year, please reach out to

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