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Healthcare Design

Richard Turlington Architects are experts at designing healthcare facilities and have special expertise with nuances of design relevant to memory and mental healthcare. Our holistic approach accounts for the needs, goals, and feelings of patients, practitioners, and administration. We focus on creating tranquil environments that promote calmness and healing.

From designing oncology suites, exam rooms, nursing stations, lobbies, and other public spaces, we maximize the power of color, brightness, and hues. We often refer to Carl Jung’s study of color and color psychology when designing healthcare spaces to evoke positive conscious and subconscious reactions and to influence perceptions and behavior.

Scents and textures are also important in a healthcare facility, so we avoid materials with long-lasting chemical trails.

Supporting Patients &


Approachability is key in healthcare facility design and is a concept we strive to implement. Our goal is to remove barriers between practitioners and patients, helping create accessible and approachable spaces.  

When designing offices for healthcare professionals and administrators, we listen carefully to determine how to best create a productive workspace. We often hear that natural light, comfortable and supportive desk chairs, and bright colors make a significant difference in the quality of time spent in offices. 

Memory & Psychiatric Care


Memory care design is incredibly important to RTA as Richard Turlington’s father suffered with dementia for several years before passing away from complications in 2016. We understand the challenges these patients and their families face on a personal level.

We also know that each memory care patient is unique and there is no “one size fits all” design. As such, we often consult with chief medical officers, facility directors, and other memory care staff to design environments that promote tranquility and comfort for memory care patients.

Richard Turlington Architects has extensive experience re-designing psychiatric inpatient and outpatient care units across a variety of institutions and hospitals.​

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