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Healthcare Design

We possess expertise designing for


Richard Turlington Architects has extensive expertise in designing for healthcare, memory care, specialized mental health, and psychiatric care.


Our holistic approach considers the needs, goals, and feelings of both the patients and the practitioners. We focus on creating tranquil environments that promote calmness and healing.


From designing oncology suites, exam rooms, nurse’s stations, lobbies, and public spaces, we believe in the importance and power of color, values, brightness, and hues. We often refer to Carl Jung’s Study of Color or The Color Psychology when designing health care spaces in order to evoke immediate positive conscious reactions and also influence perceptions and behavior.


Scents and textures are also important to any healthcare design. We avoid using materials that have long-lasting chemical trails which can the effect individuals in a variety of negative ways.​

Designed to support healthcare


Approachability is key in the healthcare designs of Richard Turlington Architects and is a concept we strive to implement while ensuring safe boundaries for healthcare professionals. 


When designing the offices for healthcare professionals and administrators, we take the time to listen to what these dedicated professionals believe could make a more productive space. We often hear that natural light, comfortable and supportive desk chairs and bright colors make the biggest difference in the quality of time spent in their offices. 

Creating healthcare environments that consider everyone from nurses to patients and support staff is integral to what we do as an architectural design firm. By removing the barriers between the practitioner and the patient, we help ensure everyone feels at ease and approachable.  

Memory care and psychiatric care


Memory care design is incredibly important to Richard Turlington Architects as Richard Turlington’s father suffered for several years with dementia and ultimately passed from complications in 2016. 


Understanding that each memory care patient is unique and there is no “one size fits all” design, we do have a personal understating of the patient’s struggles as well as challenges and needs of their families. We often assist and consult with chief medical officers, facility directors, and other memory care staff to help create environments that promote tranquility and comfort for memory care patients.


Richard Turlington Architects has extensive experience working to re-design psychiatric in-patient and out-patient care units at a variety of institutions and hospitals.​

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