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For Architects

Our Guarantee

We take responsibility for the work we produce, backing consulting projects as if they were our own.

We take a holistic, collaborative approach to every design we assist with. 

We utilize our expertise in elevating design to offer broader solutions to specialized problems, and extend our firm's  hand to yours. 


Our Mission

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a unique niche in the profession by developing a breadth and depth of building systems and advanced construction knowledge.  


We provide technical assistance, create construction documents, and offer construction administration while always maintaining the client’s original design intents.  


We have collaborated on hundreds of projects in the United States and abroad by offering consulting technical architectural efforts and assistance to other architects. 


We’re often hired to assist architects and design firms who are stuck and need a fresh perspective or assistance in meeting the client’s needs.

Your firms project load isn’t a constant and we know that,  We also know that retaining top talent is crucial for the success of any design firm.  The architects and design professionals at Richard Turlington Architects Inc have a long history of delivering construction documentation, construction administration and technical consulting that eases the burden on your staff and allows your senior project manager and principals to play to their strengths.  Allow us to help you see your project through to completion.

We value design over technics and have an extensive understanding of how building composition. Our familiarity with different types of construction varies from wood, glass, steel, and concrete. Always seeking to cultivate and modernize working experiences, we look forward to working with you and your team. 

Consulting Services Portfolio
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Technical Case Studies

A few different issues have risen during our projects. The foundation of our methodology has been to work directly with our clients to identify the specific problems at hand, recommending a technical solution, and implementing the positive change. We take pride in our conjoined success and examples of how we tackled challenges showcases our improvements and overall accomplished results. 

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