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Seaside Sanatorium

Overlooking Long Island Sound, the Seaside Sanatorium is rich with history dating back to the early 1930s when its doors first opened. It first served as a facility for children with tuberculosis; later, it became a home for the elderly, a medical hospital, and finally a facility to treat the mentally challenged. In 2016, the state of Connecticut announced plans to designate the property surrounding the sanatorium as a state park.


Richard Turlington Architects, Inc. is excited to elevate this historical building’s presence in the community. Our design includes short-term rental apartments as well, situating the Seaside Sanatorium as a desirable location for visitors.


For nearly three decades, the Seaside Sanatorium building lay abandoned, allowing nature to reclaim its spaces. Walls now host flourishing plants, while trees grace the perimeter. Embracing this biophilic transformation, we incorporated design elements to enhance sunlight at the building's core. By dividing the middle zone, we introduced moss vegetation and creepers on the new walls. The moss alleviates humidity from the area, creating a micro-climate. Meanwhile, the creepers provide shade where the moss flourishes, contributing not only to functional benefits but also to the overall aesthetic appeal.


To encourage beach activities, RTA’s design includes a new pier meant to encourage everyone who visits to engage with the sea. We’ve also created spaces for sitting, walking, and simply taking in the wonder of a structure rejuvenated with respect to its history.  


As a final special touch, our design features beam lighting that shines from the new core of the building, emphasizing the new chapter of the building’s history.

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